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Tooth Loss is a Major Health Problem But Dentures Aren't the Answer

Let’s face it: dentures are miserable

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There’s nothing that can keep a person from smiling more than a missing tooth.

When we think of things that can keep us from smiling, we tend to think of things like our favorite sports team losing, injuring ourselves, or seeing a loved one suffer.

But when you think about it, a missing tooth can keep us from smiling even when we are happy, and things are going well in our lives.

That’s why most people rush to the dentist as soon as they’ve lost their tooth.

No one wants to worry about the embarrassment that can come along with having a missing tooth, so they get a replacement tooth so that they can get on with their lives.

For years dentures have been the go-to option for replacement teeth. If you’ve ever had a tooth replaced, you likely have dentures.

While your dentures do “their job”, and they replaced your missing teeth so you can smile without worry, maybe you’ve had them long enough to realize they aren’t working for you.

The Downside of Dentures

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As anyone who wears dentures knows, they come with a whole bunch of problems. We’re sure we could list many more than five, but for the sake of not writing a whole book about dentures we’re going to limit ourselves.

  • Problem #1: It’s Impossible To Bite
  • Problem #2: You Can’t Taste Anything
  • Problem #3: The Irritate Your Gums
  • Problem #4: They Don’t Stay Put
  • Problem #5: They Don’t Stop Bone Loss

I Don’t Want Dentures — What Are My Alternatives?

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