Free Roundtrip Airline Ticket

Get your teeth done by New Smile Dental Center and win a free roundtrip airline ticket to Costa Rica


Terms & Conditions

  • Terms
  • Eligibility
  • Dental treatments
  • Reward Redemption
  • Air Ticket Conditions
  • First trip
  • Number of tickets
  • Not included
  • Current sanitary protocols


During October and November 2020, New Smile Dental Center offers a promotion:

Get your teeth and win a free roundtrip airline ticket to Costa Rica.


You must schedule and complete a phone/virtual consultation to discuss treatment options.

Prospective patients must reserve their procedure date  and perform their treatment in Costa Rica New Smile Dental Center by December  18, 2020.

Once the treatment has been coordinated by New Smile Dental Center, the owner of this prize should purchase the ticket by him/herself.

Dental treatments

Applies ONLY for denture wearers or those who need to restore either one or both dental arches with dental implants.

Reward Redemption

Once the patient has fully paid the treatment, the total amount paid for the roundtrip airline ticket will be reimbursed in cash.

Air Ticket Conditions

The roundtrip airline ticket has to be in Economy Class, from/to Continental US.

First trip

The redemption of the air ticket applies ONLY for the first trip to Costa Rica. Any other additional trips required to complete treatment will be at the patient's own expense.

Number of tickets

One roundtrip ticket per patient (who meets the conditions previously described)

Not included

  • Luggage charges
  • Upgrades
  • Any additional tax

Current sanitary protocols

The patient will pay for any insurance, test and any other measure requested by the Costa Rican Governments prior their trip. Please, check: cr.usembassy.gov

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